Alexandria Young Art


About Me

My name is Alexandria Robin Young, I grew up in Nebraska. That's not terribly important, and it currently doesn't play much of a role in my work. More than growing up in Nebraska, you could probably say I grew up in a world of fiction books and the internet. That has a great influence on how I relate to the world around me, and also to an extent my work, whether it's through memes or Star Trek references. I started working with glass in the beginning of 2015, for the first ten months I worked exclusively on a torch. Beads, marbles, pendants and wonky goblets filled those first few months. Now my favorite thing to make on the torch is figure sculptures. In the fall of 2015 I took my first furnace glass class, and that's really where things kicked off. After two semesters of working on furnace glassblowing I was hired at Sonoran Glass School, which is where I primarily work today as an instructor. 

In between teaching classes I find time to make my own work, whether it's on the torch in my personal studio, or in the hot shop. I try to make at least one good sized project a week, this often means finding an hour or two during the week to prepare elements to use in the larger project that will be a completed piece. I'm not always successful at completing one thing a week, but I certainly try to. If there's any questions about anything, feel free to email me on the contact page.

Thank you for your time, hope you enjoy the site.